Sandwiches, BLTs, and Burgers  are served with lettuce, tomato, a homemade pickle and your choice of:

Oven roasted garlic fries, coleslaw, or field green salad.    Add 2.50 for any other side.

Add Cheese 2.00     Add Avocado 2.00     Add Bacon 2.50

Sandwich Board

Pastrami Rueben-house made pastrami with homemade sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing on rye 18.00

Kitchenette Cristo- egg battered and grilled triple decker sandwich with

house roast turkey, cheddar, spicy Dijon, with a side of blueberry compote   15.00

Roast Turkey and Swiss with our Russian dressing   14.50

Tuna Salad Sandwich with grated carrots and dill on challah   14.00

Cajun Chicken with sliced apples and cilantro mayo     14.50

Tuna Melt with cheddar and tomato served open faced on whole wheat toast     15.75

Pilgrim Panini roast turkey, cornbread stuffing and gravy served with cranberry relish     16.50

Fancy Grilled Cheese pear and cheddar on homemade raisin walnut bread 14.00

Grilled Cheese American, Swiss, Pepper Jack or Cheddar on whole wheat, challah or rye    13.00

BLT Sandwiches

BLT with tomato mayonnaise on challah toast   14.00   

Roast Turkey BLT with tomato mayonnaise on challah toast       16.50

Fried Chicken Breast BLT with avocado and ranch dressing   17.00

Mac and Cheese BLT a classic BLT with KMC and American cheese -  a complete indulgence  17.00

Crab Cake BLT our panko crusted crab cake on a classic BLT with tartar sauce  18.50

 Burgers and Shakes

Grilled Burger  15.00            Grilled Turkey Burger  15.00

Blue Ring Burger with caramelized onions and blue cheese     17.00

Grand Slam Burger with roasted mushrooms, caramelized onions and swiss cheese    17.00

Bacon Cheddar BBQ Burger with homemade BBQ sauce     17.00

California Burger with cheddar, avocado, and tomatillo salsa     17.00

Fiesta Burger with pickled jalapeno, pepper jack cheese and cilantro mayo   17.00

Vegan Chick Pea Burger with carrots, spinach and roast garlic topped with sesame tahini (V)    15.00

Shakes   7.75    

Vanilla      Chocolate       Black & White       Strawberry  

Fancy Shakes  8.50        

Cookie Jar         Strawberry Shortcake            Brownie      


Chicken and Dumplings a fall and winter favorite   16.00

Kitchenette Specialty Turkey Meatloaf served with mashed potatoes and gravy     16.50

KMC Kitchenette’s macaroni and cheese with smoked mozzarella and a field green salad     16.50

Crispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken 3 pieces served with KMC – Kitchenette Macaroni & Cheese   17.50   all white meat 2.00

Lunch Bowl smashed spiced red lentils, sautéed baby spinach, charred broccoli, with scallions and basil puree   14.50

Chicken Matzoh Ball Soup Lunch with a grilled biscuit and field green salad    14.50

Chili Lunch with cheddar, onion, and sour cream served with cornbread and field green salad     16.50

 Lunch Salads

Cobb Salad spicy chicken, blue cheese, tomato, celery, bacon crumbles and avocado with our ranch dressing     17.50

Winter Salad butternut squash, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, goat cheese, baby spinach & honey Dijon vinaigrette  17.50

Tuna Salad with grated carrots and dill over field greens with our house dijon vinaigrette    15.50

Kale Cauliflower Caesar Salad with toasted spicy panko and shredded parmesan cheese     16.00

Burger Bowl beef, turkey or chick pea burger over greens, butternut squash, roast tomatoes, red onion, choice of dressing 15.00

To any salad add: grilled chicken, spicy chicken, roast turkey, ground chorizo, or grilled tofu  5.50          Add: grilled salmon or panko crab cake  9.00

We house brine our own pickles and bake all our desserts and many of our breads in house.  Many of our dishes can be adapted to vegan or gluten free.

We do not accept bills larger than $50 / $10 minimum for all credit card charges