$13 Breakfast Special

Available until 11:00 a.m Weekdays only

The following breakfast dishes are $13 and include:

Coffee or Tea, and an 8 oz glass of  Orange Juice or Grapefruit Juice

Kitchenette  Eggs, bacon and American cheese biscuit sandwich

Harlemette  Egg whites, homemade turkey sausage & cheddar biscuit sandwich

Farmhouse  Two eggs, homemade biscuit & breakfast potatoes or cheese grits

Biscuits and Gravy griddled, open-faced biscuit ladled with a creamy sausage gravy

Short Stack of Pancakes Our homemade Four Grain batter

Granola  our fruit and nut granola topped with Greek yogurt and sliced bananas

French Toast  1 piece of homemade brioche French toast, topped with bananas & chocolate chips and our homemade syrup

Oatmeal Porridge  served with apple raisin compote and warm milk

Available Monday – Friday only (holidays not included)         

No Substitutions         Tax and Gratuity not included